A new ‘Pig’ at Harlyn Bay, Cornwall

At last! The Pig has now opened a property in Cornwall. Located in Harlyn House – one of Cornwall’s oldest historic houses, The Pig at Harlyn Bay opened its doors last Friday.

For those not familiar with the concept of ‘The Pig, it is a boutique chain of country house ‘hotels’ with a difference. Currently there are 7 in the UK, all in the South West of England. They position themselves as ‘restaurants with rooms’, rather than as a hotel. The focus is therefore on food (and wine) and their kitchen garden. They either produce all the food themselves or it is sourced locally. They arealso  truly and credibly committed to sustainability and the local community, which is central to who they are as a brand and what they do.

Each ‘Pig’ has its own unique identity that provides a sense of place. This is based on the brand’s concept and its own unique brand identity, as well as its location – geographic location, which is also captured in the name (The Pig at…, on…, near… etc.), but also the property itself, which has its own history and heritage and, in part, determines its décor. Together, this helps create a certain charm and is the basis for creating a soul.

The Pig at Harlyn Bay, CornwallExterior Ambience

The Pig at Harlyn Bay, Cornwall – Photo Courtesy of The Pig

This is certainly not the easiest time to be launching a new property, but The Pig has the basis for success. A small but strong, if not widely known, brand with a loyal following. Even my father knew about The Pig and wanted to have his 90th birthday dinner there!

Their concept also reflects the times. They appear to understand the market and what their clientele/guests are looking for and need. They are also staying true to who they are as a brand and yet continue to reinvent, innovate and surprise. These are potential ingredients for creating strong brands that are important for success, even more so today than ever.

I can’t wait to visit their latest addition, most likely for my father’s postponed 90th birthday celebrations!

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All photos courtesy of The Pig.



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